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Ag. Chairperson Uganda Human Rights Commission

The Directorate is responsible for overseeing the day-to day administration and management of the affairs of the Commission, to control and provide logistical support for the staff of the Commission and the administration and control of the funds of the Commission in accordance with the Finance Act (2003). The Directorate also oversees the human resource, systems administration and procurement functions of the Commission. It is additionally charged with the responsibility of overseeing the development and implementation of the UHRC Strategic Plan.

Mr. PATRICK Mabiiho Nyakaana

Secretary to the Commission

Patrick Mabiiho Nyakaana was appointed Executive Secretary of the Uganda Human Rights Commission effective 1st June, 2017. He took oath of office on 2nd June, 2017. He is the head of Administration as well the Accounting Officer of the Commission. Patrick Mabiiho Nyakaana is a trained lawyer having graduated from the Faculty of Law of Makerere University (the current Makerere School of Law) in 1994, and later trained at the Law Development Centre to become a legal practitioner. He also graduated from the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute with an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration. Patrick Mabiiho Nyakaana is an enrolled advocate of Courts of Judicature, a Commissioner for Oaths and a Notaries Public.